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GCR Airport IQ -Software as a Service: Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Aviation Administration- BWI Airport (Baltimore- Washington Airport)

Our Winning Award

AlxTel is a leading solution provider of modernized services for individual, local, and Government sectors. We are proud to announce AlxTel won a contract award of amount $99,825.00. We provide the facility to make key decisions according to the demand, to develop, improve, and manage high-quality businesses of every size to decrease cost and minimize efficiency. BWI Airport (Baltimore- Washington Airport)

Contract Title: GCR Airport IQ -Software as a Service -# BWI20006IT

Winning Award
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Award Date
July 20th, 2020
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Efficient web-based Aviation system

AirportIQ offers a web-based group of management applications that operated virtually, to increase efficiency, security, and profitability in the AirPortIQ’s system. This suite includes multiple modules and advanced services; flight information, display system, security and operations compliance, airspace analysis. AirportIQ’s system provides solutions from revenue management to a web-based security system.

Application suit to operate virtually

Now a day’s many new technologies are developed but by the transportation aviation industry to go wherever you want to go. In this scenario must be important to define each business transaction and assessment in a runtime environment. AirportIQ is a virtual web-based security system to increase the system efficiency and make the aviation system secure by using the third party licensed on-demand service application.

Maryland Department

Maryland Department of transportation, Maryland aviation administration is operated by Baltimore/Washington International Airport, with having a mission toincrease efficiency and make the system secure and profitable.


Software-as-a-service offers complete solution on-demand software system and hosts centrally. Licensed according to the subscription basis, this also provides the facility to use applications at a minimum affordable cost.

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