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Accelerating the Time for Change in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

eprentise® software allows any change in Oracle® E-Business Suite, whether it is consolidating multiple EBS instances, changing configurations, streamlining operations, or creating a carve-out of the data.

Transform your data into a strategic asset

eprentise software accelerates business change by providing the ability to change any data to align with new business initiatives. FlexField® allows companies to change and model their Chart of Accounts in EBS as often as they change their business. The eprentise suite of solutions enables EBS users to consolidate multiple production instances, to carve out an instance, and to recognize changes in the business’ organization or legal structures (currency change, calendar change, costing method change, merge/split/move ledgers, legal entities, operating units, or inventory orgs).

Learn about our software products:

  • Update your chart of accounts to match your current business.
  • Transform your data with copy, filter, change, move, or merge functionality.
  • Streamline by consolidating instances or divest into separate instances.
  • Prepare for your financial audit with consistent processes & complete data.

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