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Eventide equipment is pervasive in recording and broadcast facilities, police stations across the nation, and aircraft around the world. Our industry-leading special effects equipment is audible on almost all popular recordings. Our digital voice logging recorders capture the history of civilization, frequently in minute detail. Our goal is to continue making neat, innovative stuff, and perhaps a few of the bucks, too.

Eventide Products

For 50 years, Eventide has been at the forefront of audio technology with award-winning studio processors, effects pedals, plug-ins, and broadcast products.

  • a) Pedal:

    • TriceraChorus Pedal: Tri-stereo Chorus + Swirl
    • UltraTap Pedal: Tap delays, Reverb, and Modulation
    • MicroPitch Delay: Pitch shifter + Delay
    • Blackhole Pedal: Otherworldly Reverb
    • Rose: Modulated Delay
    • H9 Max: Multi-FX
    • PitchFactor: Pitch Shifting + Delay
    • TimeFactor: Twin Delay + Looper
    • MixingLink: Mic Pre + FX Loop
  • b) Plug-ins:

    • SplitEQ: A Structural Equalizer
    • H3000 Band Delays: Eight Bands of Rhythmic Delays
    • Physion: Audio Splitter + Special FX
    • Octavox: 8 Voice Diatonic Pitch Shifter
    • Quadravox: 4 Voice Diatonic Pitch Shifter
    • Precision Time Align: Precision Sub-sample Delay
    • UltraChannel: Ultimate Channel Strip
  • c) Rackmount:

    • H9000: The Next Generation Harmonizer
  • d) Broadcast:

    • BD600+: 80 Sec Delay Protection with HD capability
    • BD600W+: Profanity Delay with WheatNet-IP and Extended Remote
    • BD600E+ : 80 Sec Delay Protection with Extended Remote
    • BD960: Practical + Economical Obscenity Protection
  • e) Software:

    • Eventide Device Manager (EDM): Device Manager for Eventide Pedals
    • H9 Control App: Control App for Eventide Pedals
    • Emote: Control Software for H9000
    • VSig3: Visual Preset Editor for H9000

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