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Creating better technology with open source

As the largest open source company in the world, we believe using an open development model helps create more stable, secure, and innovative technologies. At Red Hat, we’ve spent more than two decades collaborating on community projects and protecting open source licenses so we can continue to develop software that pushes the boundaries of technological ability.

Solve problems once, in one place, and scale up. IT automation and management solutions from Red Hat support stability and security, all while saving time.

Building enterprise-ready solutions with open source

We create software using the open source way, a set of principles built upon an open forum for ideas where communities can form around solving a problem or developing a new technology. This philosophy affects everything we do at Red Hat. And we’re not alone. Most of today’s IT leaders agree that enterprise open source is important.

  • Automation.
  • Cloud-native development.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • SAP workloads.

Red Hat Cloud Services

  • Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift :
    A fully managed service of Red Hat OpenShift on Azure that’s jointly engineered, managed, and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated :
    A fully managed service of Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS :
    A fully managed and jointly supported service of Red Hat OpenShift on AWS public cloud.
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on IBM Cloud :
    A fully managed OpenShift service that takes advantage of the enterprise scale and security of IBM Cloud, so you can focus on developing and managing your applications.

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