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Valcom specializes in full IP and network distributed paging, intercom and emergency notification systems. Valcom’s mission is to provide access to innovative solution sets based on customer needs, and to support preparedness for more efficient response in emergency situations.

Valcom System Solutions

For business and institutions, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to everyday and emergency notification systems — at least there’s not at Valcom.

1) Paging / Public Address Systems :

  • General Purpose Paging: From hospitals to K-12 schools, manufacturing facilities and office buildings, public address systems are an effective tool for organizations to notify people of important messages during day-to-day scenarios, and critical information during an emergency.
  • Emergency Paging: Valcom’s on-premise emergency communications notification system integrates software and IP endpoints allowing it to deploy live or pre-recorded emergency messages to anywhere inside or around your campus with one click.
  • K-12 Paging: Valcom’s K-12 intercom bell clock solutions focus on the importance of a school’s daily communications, such as announcements, bell schedules, intercom calls, and automated messages.
  • Enterprise-Wide Paging: Valcom’s on-premise paging systems are designed for small to large organizations that span across geographical locations who need to extend their announcements and alerts to reach as many people as possible.

2) Intercom Systems :

  • Door / Entry Intercoms: provides an extra layer of security you need for your office, school, dormitory or government building. Our door intercom system is ideal for controlled areas of your organization where you need to manage access.
  • Multizone Intercoms: provide the flexibility to program up to 72 zones of two-way intercom, one-way paging, schedules, automated events, clock synchronization, emergency tones and messages.
  • Emergency / Help Points Intercoms: emergency intercom systems range from call stations for garages and dormitories to emergency blue light towers that you find throughout parking lots and remote areas of your organization’s campus.
  • K-12 Intercoms: focuses on the importance of a school’s daily communications, such as announcements, bell schedules, intercom calls, and automated messages.

3) Clocks/Time Management :

  • IP Clocks: IP clocks are corrected via Network Time Protocol (NTP) that provides quick time correction following time changes or power outages.
  • IP Clocks with Speakers/Text/Flashers: Each IP clock with speakers, text, and flashers simply plugs into a PoE or PoE+ network switch. All communications and power is provided with this single connection that makes installation fast and simple.
  • Wired Clocks: The modern 2-wire digital correction constantly provides updated time information to correct clocks immediately following time changes or temporary power failures.
  • Wireless Clocks: wireless clock solution uses radio frequency transmission from a master clock, or a public address system’s integrated master clock, to consistently keep clocks in sync with the correct time.
  • Master Clocks: Master Clocks are available for wireless and wired clock systems and offer optional GPS-based time synchronization.

4) Emergency Communication Systems :

  • Voice/Visual Alerts: provides system sets that deliver effective voice and visual notification for education, government, military, healthcare, and commercial and industrial settings.
  • Lockdown / Emergency / Weather: Applicable to facilities, college campuses, hallways, classrooms and common areas, Valcom’s solution sets integrate seamlessly into an organization’s communication infrastructure.
  • Software Activation & Control: enables your organization to connect with existing systems and devices to broadcast audio and visual alerts, and if necessary, to control third party equipment in one click from one interface.

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