Initiatives in Cybersecurity

Describes Internet security as the part of cybersecurity that, broadly speaking, relates to the security of Internet infrastructure, the devices connected to it, and the technical building blocks from which applications and platforms are built.

High-quality cyber security

We identified a handful of the most renowned cybersecurity the internet has to offer. These websites are great sources of information, education, and conversation about all things cybersecurity.

Be sure to bookmark this list to keep tabs on these resources in the future.

“Cyber security professionals are tasked with protecting our private information along with the networks and systems we utilize”.

1. Zero-Day

Zero-Day describes itself as “staying on top of the latest” and truly delivers on this promise. When new threats, vulnerabilities, and research appear around, that posts more than once a day can at least help you access the most important daily changes in the cybersecurity world.

This site also comes in editions for countries and regions around the world. Easy to peruse articles can help you to stay on top of this speedy industry.

Site dedicated to keeping professionals up to date with federal policies affecting digital security. The site provides behind-the-scenes reporting of lawmaking and its repercussions on the public, though it is subscription-based. Give the free trial a shot to better understand the relationship between public policy and cybersecurity.

The site is updated daily, hosts its own virtual conferences throughout the year, has its own webinar channel and boasts an extensive directory of cybersecurity companies.

  • CyberArk is a blog boasting a lot of authority.
  • Cluley’s take on cybersecurity news is informative.
  • Site is divided into relevant hot topics such as vulnerability.

Information Security

Cybersecurity blog Information Security Buzz is an independent and easy-to-enjoy resource for the latest updates and expert input on current industry happenings. This blog features a video channel with insightful commentary from IT professionals.

This site serves as a great at-a-glance resource for information security news and worth a regular check-in.

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