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Our goal is to make sure that customers have only one User Interface to manage. All their business needs so you can rest assured that the software you use is reliable and easy to work with, that is what our ERP Solution will provide you

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AlxTel provides an enterprise-aligned view of ERP implementation. We help our customers to map the challenges and opportunities of ERP solutions including impacts from the life cycle. This collaborative approach to choosing the right solution and its lifecycle planning proactively accommodates business goals for the short and long term, planning for change, and mitigates risk.

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ERP seamlessly integrates sales, operations, and accounting, allowing you to increase the speed and accuracy of operations via time savings throughout the day. We provide a solution that will control your business, keep track of everything. Our software is built using the latest technologies. AlxTel uses the best technology to compute your business logic and automate your flow of the business. And have spent decades working with small and medium-sized business manufacturers, distributors, and service-based companies and learning what works for them and what does not. While small businesses may have different needs than medium-sized businesses, many are looking for ERP solutions with very high functionality.

ERP solutions

Our Best ERP Services Include

Enterprise Resource Planning transforms complicated business management systems into user-friendly technology. That covers core business functions, including inventory and distribution management, production, and accounting.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

AlxTel offers Dynamics ERP development, customization, integration and more.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Modern ERP offers dashboards that give you an overview of your finances, so you can tap into the real-time information anytime and anywhere. Our developers help you to gain an end-to-end view of your business.

Automated Supply Chain

Automated Supply Chain

If your company is still entering information by hand and trying to track down inventory in your warehouse, you can easily save time and money by automating these processes with our special ERP Solutions.

Under Budget

On-Time and Under Budget

ERP implementations consist of many moving parts and require multiple considerations, and our experienced developers ensure you can manage customer projects and control budgeting for optimal profitability.

Smarter Customer Service

Smarter Customer Service

From good customer service translates into good business sense, an ERP solution can give distributors the ability to attain higher quality interactions with both new and existing clients with samrter customer services.

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SAP ERP Solutions

We use best practices to flawlessly introduce the SAP ERP solutions to the workplace with for maximized profit and seamless project management.

Financial Management

With SAP Financial Management solutions you can minimize the impact of economic disruption while maintaining business continuity. SAP’s ERP system can help companies emerge from the crisis with great resiliency.? AlxTel ensures improved accuracy of accounting features, smart cost management, and profitability, and global business practices through streamlined financial operations allowing you to make sound financial decisions.

HR Services

Using the SAP ERP we support organizational growth by centralizing HR processes for local and global workforces, automate time and attendance applications and ensure a globalized software to promote a simple, HR compliant and productive workforce.

Procurement operations

Increase procurement visibility with operational flexibility, repeatable cost savings, and compliant processes. Boost the productivity and performance of procurement operations with a built-in, scalable, and intelligent capability.

Business Technology Platform

AlxTel’s Business Technology Platform brings intelligence to your Intelligent Enterprise strategy. It is an integrated offering comprised of four technology portfolios, giving users the flexibility to choose SAP technologies that provide an intrinsic understanding of data and processes in SAP and 3rd-party applications. Make better decisions faster with in-memory database management systems.

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