Job Code : E-1231

  • Minimum of 3 years of formal information technology, desktop support, customer support, customer service, technology management experience.
  • Technical training in combination with an industry certification may substitute for some or all the education requirements.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with peers, end-users, as well as all levels of management and judicial personnel as necessary.
  • Certification from CompTIA, Microsoft or HDI are a plus.
  • Knowledge of computer hardware, architecture, repair, and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Knowledge of Windows desktop operating systems and file systems to include Active Directory.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP device configuration and basic network structure.
  • Proficient problem-solving, communication and inter-personal skills. A strong ability to learn and think critically.
  • Able to diffuse tense situations. Experience with dealing with people in a highly visible, fast-paced, and sometimes stressful environment. Ability to handle people in varying situations, including when users are frustrated, anxious or upset.
  • Demonstrated customer service abilities (e.g., patience, positive customer-friendly attitude, active listening, empathy, professionalism, etc.).
  • Strong ability to be self-motivated and self-starting. Able to control attention, minimize distractions to achieve greater efficiency. Proficient planning & organization skills – setting and managing personal priorities. Able to set priorities and handle multiple competing demands.
  • Ability to be a team player. Demonstrate being team oriented, ensuring that there is respect shown for customers, team members, peers and management.
  • Ability to ensure proper recording, and documentation.

Candidate shall provide resources with the following capabilities

  • Must be able to safely lift and move pieces of hardware weighing up to 25lbs.
  • May need to handle heavier pieces of equipment with additional help.
  • Stooping, kneeling, and crawling may be needed for installation of equipment.
  • Ability to use small hand tools as appropriate for computer installation and repair.
  • Proper lifting techniques for moving equipment.
  • Awareness of safety for people and equipment in the environment.
  • Awareness of standard electrical and mechanical precautions.
  • Hand tools, medium and large sized motor vehicles (such as vans), pneumatic pallet lift, equipment carts, hand trucks.
  • Use of mobile devices as required.
  • Moving and installing equipment may be in dirty, or cluttered, non-air-controlled conditions that require the employee to be cautious and aware of their surroundings.

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