Develop a web app – Hybrid Services

The most productive environment to develop your (mobile) app is in the cloud, as a web application. Moreover, you should avoid developing code that is only able to run on a mobile device. It is much easier to test and debug your (UI5) application in your favourite browser.

Modernize in-place

Although, for many of you, modernization means navigating existing investments as well as cloud infrastructure, while simultaneously adopting cloud-native tools and development practices and hybrid services.

“You can write once and deploy to the cloud or on-prem, using a consistent platform that spans all your environments”.

Productive organization

Moreover, organizations are more productive with add-on tools that improve the efficiency of your entire IT team: IT operators get benefit from a single unified platform to manage applications and services that span multiple environments.

So, developers gain a secure foundation on which to build scalable, efficient applications based on containers and microservices.

Additionally, security teams get consistent tooling to secure their software supply chain and improve run-time security. With CSP we are partnering with our customers to realize their modernization and hybrid goals.

In this third blog of the series looking at the move to an enterprise cloud, I turn the spotlight on the role of DevOps practices like everything as code and everything continuous.

Everything in DevOps is continuous: continuous integration, delivery, deployment, documentation, operations, and testing.

  • Effortless desktop sharing

  • Mobile calling in the Cisco Spark app
  • Amazingly simple meeting scheduling on mobile devices

Seamless bridging of mobile and office worlds

The call history from my desk phone is “unlocked” and made available in Cisco Spark for easy click-to-call. When I receive a call, my Cisco IP phone and Cisco Spark app ring simultaneously.

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