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JamF software- Montgomery College

Our Winning Award

AlxTel is a pioneer of the efficient solution service provider for individual local and Government sectors. We are excited to announce that AlxTel won the award of Montgomery College at the award amount of $ 45,543.00. Our team facilities according to the customers demand to improve the business progress of every size.

Contract Title: JamF software -# 520-036

Winning Award
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$ 45,543.00
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Quality is never an accident

Jamf provides facility to maximize education initiative we offer multiple solutions that are customised for modern class rooms and order to optimize the effect of Apple technology in quality education for each student and optimize the personalized learning experiences.

The high-quality cloud-based education system

Montgomery College offers high-quality education to permit a positive change in society. Jamf is enterprise management software administrators use to customize and automate activities for IT administrators. The product contains tools for servers and clients. Jamf provides mobile management on-site and cloud-based systems. The software has several features like management tools remote configuration and remote lock and wipe. Link control and secure cloud-based applications and corporate resources without ever touching a computer.

JamF Software

An important strategy for people and societies ensure that every person wants quality education. Important to define each business transaction and assessment environment.

Montgomery College

Montgomery College offers high-quality education to permits positive change in society. MC educational institute ranked among the top institutes.

Key factors

  • Administration approach.
  • The solution to identity and authentication.
  • Solutions for school administration.

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