Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

TriSys-Tapit 6 EZ Box

Our Winning Award

AlxTel is excited to announce that we won the MDOT TriSys-Tapit 6 EZ Box contract award for the amount of $5,395.00. TriSys-Tapit 6 EZ Box Turnkey Delivering solutions to help enhance your business and overcome any Call Recording & Call Accounting software obstacles and Without The Hassle of Hardware.

Contract Title: TriSys-Tapit 6 EZ Box

Winning Award
Award date
Award Date
June 09, 2022
Award amount
Award Amount
Start date
Start Date
June 30, 2022
End date
End Date
June 30, 2023

Maryland Department of Transportation

The Maryland Department of Transportation MDOT is an organization comprised of five business units and one Authority. They are: The Secretary’s Office, MDOT State Highway Administration, MDOT Maryland Transit Administration, MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration, MDOT Maryland Port Administration, MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority. This unique approach provides the state’s leadership with the ability to develop a coordinated and balanced approach to transportation.

The Maryland Department of Transportation presents six goals that support the achievement of MDOT’s Vision and Mission. These goals will guide MDOT in tackling the State’s biggest transportation challenges over the next 20 years.

  • Safety & Security: Enhance the safety of transportation system.
  • System Preservation: Preserve and maintain the State’s existing transportation infrastructure and assets.
  • Quality of Service: Maintain and enhance the quality of the service experienced by users of Maryland’s transportation system.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Ensure the delivery of the State’s transportation infrastructure program conserves and enhances Maryland’s natural, historic and cultural resources.
  • Community Vitality: Provide options for the movement of people and goods that support communities and quality of life.
  • Economic Prosperity: Support a healthy and competitive Maryland economy.

Key benefits of TriSys-Tapit 6 EZ Box Solutions

  • Secure: Mitigate liability and reduce risk, with secure and compliant solutions.

  • Performance & Productivity: Software solutions that provide usable metrics that help inform business decisions, refine company processes, and increase revenue.

  • Reporting: Our Call Monitoring and Reporting tool allows users to run custom reports and filters or choose many reporting templates.
  • Customer Services: Enhance your customer experience journey with quality assurance and call monitoring.
  • Hosted Solutions: Offers a complete set of call recording solutions and call accounting that can work in any hosted and cloud environment.
  • Multi-site Capabilities: Collect data from up to 200 remote sites, depositing information into a centralized call repository for easy call record management and use.

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