Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)

Fiosum Software

Our Winning Award

AlxTel is a pioneer of the efficient solution service provider for individual local and Government sectors. We are excited to announce that AlxTel won the award of the Maryland State Department of Education in the award amount of $48,555. Fiosum Software is the Fastest, Most Secure Platform built for Salesforce Development with Enforce Zero-trust Security Model, Accelerate deployment velocity, Manage data and Modernize compliance.

Contract Title: Fiosum Software

Winning Award
Award date
Award Date
June 01, 2022
Award amount
Award Amount
Start date
Start Date
June 01, 2022
End date
End Date
May 31, 2023

About the Maryland State Department of Education

The Maryland State Department of Education is dedicated to supporting a world-class educational system that prepares all students for college and career success in the 21st century. With excellent stewardship from their divisions, they oversee state and federal programs that support the needs of a diverse population–students, teachers, principals, and other educators –throughout Maryland.

Under the leadership of the State Superintendent of Schools and guidance from the Maryland State Board of Education, the Department develops and implements standards and policy for education programs from pre-kindergarten through high school.

  • BE EFFECTIVE : Provide every student with highly effective teachers and educational leaders.
  • BE INCLUSIVE: Engage with parents, families and community members to improve student outcomes.
  • BE INNOVATIVE: Integrate evolving technologies, instructional strategies, and emerging skills that enable all students to reach their fullest potential in a globally competitive environment.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: Enhance learning for every student through use of objective, data-driven measures of success determined by state and national standards.
  • BE SAFE: Promote a safe, healthy environment for students.

The Fastest and Secure Fiosum Software

Fiosm Software is the the Fastest, Most Secure Platform built for Salesforce Development. The complete platform for secure DevOps, data backup, restore, archival and seeding.

  • Power Of Salesforce : Built natively to Salesforce, developers see a decrease in administrative tasks and an increase in building business value.
  • End-To-End Solution : From migrating data into and around Salesforce environments to full-on DevOps to Compliance and Security to Backup and Recovery.
  • Best In Class Security And Compliance : Your data never leaves the Salesforce platform and stays in compliance with all major governance regulations.
  • Simple And Easy To Use : Flosum utilizes the Salesforce interface, a UI users are familiar with.
  • Integrations : They provide the flexibility to use whatever tools you currently have.

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