AlxTel’s OTT Solutions for Operators

AlxTel’s OTT Solutions – Over the top communications voice solutions are those services that bypass traditional network distribution approaches and run over, or on top of core Internet networks.

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How OTT is impacting Telecommunication ?

It is no longer enough to provide lower prices for basic services like Voice/SMS/Data to guarantee the loyalty of the subscriber. Fixed-line operators especially are under a lot of pressure, since customers are simply abandoning the service and churning to Mobile. New generations spend their childhoods with Smartphones in their hands, without even having an opportunity to ever use a fixed-line.

OTT Solutions for landline operators, MNO, MVNO, and cable providers.

It’s a must for fixed-line and cable provider to use OTT solutions as they have a serious disadvantage compared to MNOs, due to the fact that their terminals are NOT SMART and NOT MOBILE. We have a complete solution to increase the ranges of these networks and widen the coverage locally and internationally.

OTT Solutions for landline operators, MNO, MVNO, and cable providers.

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Extend your coverage beyond the geographical reach of your network.

OTT solution is the most efficient and cost-effective way to enter into the game. The adoption of smart devices and the affordable data plans made a lot of users are loyal to the cheapest rates and best quality. Now it’s very easy to deliver phone calls, SMS, voice messages, Video calls, Conference calls, Voicemail, and even FAX to e-mail through our solutions. You can create your MVNOTT business in a very short time with minimum investment.

Extend Coverage

Most of the traditional telecoms are facing serious threats from OTT providers who offer alternative services for little or no cost, causing a sharp decline in their roaming revenues. The best way for them is to join the game instead of fighting it. Especially the cost of buying a ready OTT solution or even creating a new one is a small fraction of updating some parts of their network. The convenience that OTT provides will allow the users to use their numbers from any device such as a tablet or laptop or any smart device. There’s no worry now if your phone is not charged or even you forget it at home. OTT makes your phone on the cloud and you can use it from anywhere.

The fact of having your number everywhere in the world with you in addition to the incredible call prices which is mostly for free will make the customers think many times before they chose the traditional ways.

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