Renewal of maintenance and support for lansweeper software contract

LANSWEEPER Software: Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services

Our Winning Award

AlxTel is a leader in offering effective solutions to customers in the local and public sectors. Customer-based facilities increase company efficiency of multiple sizes. AlxTel won the contract award of LANSWEEPER software’s maintenance and support for the department of public safety & correctional services for the award amount of $50,000 Per Year.

Contract Title: Renewal of maintenance and support for lansweeper software contract

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Complete IT Technology

Lansweeper’s technology bridges the gap between organisational silos and between lines of business and corporate IT, to provide greater control and oversight for supporting — and complying with — IT Governance initiatives. Key here is the ability to detect what is truly there, not just what you know was purchased.

Centralised platform

This technology is particularly valuable for organizations looking to operate according to the leading IT governance frameworks. It is also essential that companies have and can maintain a centralised, complete view of their IT assets; or they will become liabilities to an organizations security posture and ultimately financial success. Leveraging technology like Lansweeper to create a complete IT asset inventory makes compliance with IT governance frameworks possible and that reduces risk and spends.

An Incomplete

Inaccurate inventory of the IT estate may also result in hardware assets sitting idle or at half capacity. Organizations end up paying for software licenses they’re not even using, assets may be running outdated software.


Apart is the dedicated focus on building a single, re-usable inventory that is not tied to a specific use case. AlxTel provides centralised data and insight son your IT that can support a wide range of scenarios.

This has several everyday consequences

  • Under leveraged & redundant data silos.
  • Inefficiency & misinformed decisions.
  • Enterprise-wide misalignment.
  • Money being lost across the board.

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