U.S. Coast Guard Operations Systems Center (USCG)

Integrated Network Video System (INVS) Software Service Agreement (SSA)

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AlxTel is the best provider in advanced services for individual, local, and Government sectors. AlxTel won the Integrated Network Video System (INVS) Software Service Agreement (SSA) contract award of amount $24,296.00. Also provide the services to make key decisions according to the customer demand, to mature, improve, and manage high-quality businesses of different sizes, also to decrease the cost and maximize the system efficiency.

Contract Title: Integrated Network Video System (INVS) Software Service Agreement (SSA)

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Provider In Advanced Services For Individual Local,

Creative technologies solutions, we plan to build and deliver company programs. This allows guard activities to help individuals and structures over the life cycle to facilitate the nation.

The software service agreement provides assistance and preparation for remote access. By developing human perception through the best-in-class smart imaging and sensing resolutions, aim to build a more sustainable, productive, and secure future.

Software service agreement

The date you “AGREE” is entered into and successful. You cannot access the services without our permission unless you are a direct competitor.

Integrated video detection

Acquisition and combination of video info are typical warning signals and a lot more details to business and homeowners as well as surveillance agents.

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