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We are working to keep briefings available to any customer as remote offerings. Citrix Workspace is a digital workspace solution designed to fit your hybrid cloud journey and empowers to do the best work.

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How we are different

Many solutions has promise to improve productivity or engagement. But the reality is that employees today used too many tools, much experiences and have many distractions. Citrix Workspace is not just another point solution. It’s a complete digital workspace that organizes, guides, and automates work to redefine personal productivity and drive employee engagement.

Collaborate with experts to accelerate your transformation

At AlxTel briefing, you’ll work one-on-one with executives, partners, and product experts to explore what’s next for your organization. Experience is customized to your objectives, aligning specific goals with targeted expertise to accelerate strategic planning, solution development, and – ultimately ­– business success. Your briefing will include, Customizes agendas, centered on your specific challenges and opportunities, Presentations from senior leaders, subject matter experts, and technology specialists, shaped around your goals for focus areas, live demonstrations of relevant solutions.


What you can accomplish with Citrix Workspace?

Explore the software used by thousands of businesses to build an easy, healthy and better way of working.

Transition employees back to the office safely

Transition employees back to the office safely

Employees best performance when they feel safe. Which is why it’s important to manage the moments that matter most, from the first day back to the initial team meeting. Citrix Workspace provides powerful way to set of ready-to-go micro apps you can use to help maintain facilities, increase safety.

Realize the full potential of your cloud strategy

Today mostly organizations looking forward to move to the cloud and become more agile and simplify operations. But it’s not always blue skies ahead, especially when it comes to the complexity of managing cloud resources alongside existing legacy infrastructure.

Realize the full potential of your cloud strategy
Replace traditional VPN’s with a zero trust approach

Replace traditional VPN’s with a zero trust approach

Build a secure perimeter around resources and protect what’s inside. Then apps moved toward cloud, remote work became a necessity and employees began using personal devices for work. Today most enterprises are looking to adopt a zero-trust security strategy by replacing traditional VPN.

Solutions for accelerating the transformation of businesses and innovation

The process of digital transformation takes many forms and can affect your organization in numerous ways. To optimize employee and customer interactions, you need to align strategy with execution, use multiple technologies to accelerate your innovation agenda, incorporate knowledge, and harness of the cloud.


Deliver secure access to all the information, apps, and content relevant to a person’s role.


Helps people focus on what’s most important with streamlined workflows and virtual assistance.


Use machine learning to automate routine errands and lessen busywork, get your solution identified.

The Digital Workspace Experience

Citrix Workspace integrates apps and files are in unified and context-aware interface. This unique integration of apps, files, and workflows in a single interface gives users an unmatched experience that greatly decreases the time it takes to accomplish their work. Another, and often overlooked aspect of the user experience is the cross-platform experience. Citrix Workspace app is designed to have the same look and feel, regardless of the platform or device being used. This allows users to seamlessly switch devices and continue to work in a comfortable and familiar way. It also empowers administrators by helping reduce support calls and giving a broader choice of supported platforms.

The Digital Workspace Experience

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