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Unlock business values from Microsoft teams to enable security and collaboration and features to improve the scalable and sustainable remote working. This – 3 week’s development program rapidly enables remote working.

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Efficient remote operations Microsoft Teams

This Software is available for all organizations to keep your business moving. AlxTel lets help you to empower teams to collaborate towards change at the core of your workplace experience for transformation. Microsoft team platform allows your teams to link more effectively and quickly with functionality that can easily be shared.

Skype for Migration from Company to Teams

AlxTel Teams is now at feature parity with Skype for Business as part of Microsoft’s initiative to cut down the number of applications to do similar tasks inside Office 365. Indeed, this is a big achievement, since it means that companies can now move to the newest platform without losing their favorite features. Globally, companies are switching to a more digital workplace and graduating from email to messaging. You profit from this, such as dramatically reducing the amount of emails that clutter your inbox, as well as losing emails and productivity.

Microsoft Teams

Discover what Microsoft Teams can do for your business

You need to keep your business moving. That’s why today more than ever – it’s time for Teams. Microsoft is making Teams available for all organizations.

Enable effective remote operations

Microsoft is making Teams available to all organizations. AlxTel is here to help.

Guide to Microsoft Teams

Find out how to deliver great workplace experience with Microsoft Teams. Helping you handle your data.

What can this do for you?

Microsoft’s hub for intelligent collaboration helps to transform the workplace experience.

Microsoft Teams Governance

Microsoft Teams Governance

These days, when people talk about governance, we usually talk about SharePoint. A strong governance approach can, however, extend to the entire Office 365 stack in today’s modern workplace. There is no justification for you to use network file shares after the deployment. You will also need to allocate how files can be accessed by users if you don’t know then will face duplication of files because team members unknowingly exchange alternative versions of files in Teams channels several times instead of the original files in file sharing.

Stay connected and organized by Microsoft Teams

Dedicated channels are placed for conversations with the team tostay connected and organized for specific projects



Conduct public and private conversations with your teams. The robust integration of Skype video into the application allows you to leverage social features, such as adding emojis and custom memes to your discussions.



Teams offer a commonly shared workspace for various applications including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, SharePoint, Planner, Power BI and Delve. This feature gives you and your teams the option to work natively.

Ability to improve scalability and sustainability to enable remote operations.

This is an integrated form of many Office 365 applications over one individual platform. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based one-to-one process that facilitates you to build collaborative teams for business via multiple access media. Microsoft Teams allows remote and global access of teams to-work together also share information like document collaboration and many more.

  • Redesign the services and processes.
  • Connect the workplace to share information efficiently.
  • Chat-to speaks openly and privately with your teams.
  • Hub-Built powerful and custom platforms for various applications.

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