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Purpose –  built Development

At AlxTel, we develop, design, and upgrade according to the requirement of our reliable government, local, and individual customers to suit their unique business requirements.



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Service-based businesses can be constrained by unquestioned blockers. Let us help you ask the tough questions, and find answers in custom software development. What keeps people from falling in love with your business?

Outdated Experiences

Outdated Experiences

Do your digital tools help people achieve their goals efficiently? Or are they out of sync with your business and brand, and downright painful to use?

Manual Processes

Manual Processes

Are your sales staff, support reps, or customers stuck performing repetitive tasks? How can we cut friction and improve the outcomes?

Unknown Expenses

Unknown Expenses

Does your operation make demands balance sheet? How could bespoke software eliminate or reduce the costs of yesterday’s thinking?

Get a world-class product, on-demand

We’ve designed, developed, and implemented custom software solutions for hundreds and thousands of customers across the globe.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We deliver custom-built software services throughout the industry to assist the business via multiple channels to empower its government, local and individual customers.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

AlxTel provides facilitate to develop amazing mobile products for Government, local and individual customers. We also turn your concepts into a profitable mobile business.

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Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Developing a web application selecting expert software development will help you to resolve your business problems. and improve workflow efficiently, also save time and money.

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Application re?engineering

Application re?engineering

Once we’ve scoped your requirements, budget and timeline, our team of software engineers will design and test robust application re-engineering solutions with your current legacy setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom software development?2020-09-12T06:57:07+00:00

Custom software development refers to the creation of tailor-made software intended to address the specific needs of a business or user(s). Investing in custom software positions yourself for greater success as it improves your operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, profitability, and independence in terms of using and maintaining the software for future needs. Unlike the commercial off-the-shelf software or the free and open-source software developed for the mass market, custom software is designed to accommodate a customer’s particular preferences and expectations.

Cisco Certified Voice Engineers (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T09:16:16+00:00

Job Code : EP0989

All personnel must comply with and pass a background check before being able to access/manage any network devices directly connected.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

CISCO VoIP to the desktop (Total Posts 3)2020-11-02T09:15:11+00:00

Job Code : E-0234

Candidates must have proven and extensive experience in supporting CISCO VoIP to the desktop.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

What is an example of a customized software?2020-09-12T06:58:09+00:00

Customized software saves your IT expenditure by offering subscription-based pricing and reduces your maintenance costs. Custom application development enhances your operational efficiency, saves your labor and training costs, and offers you the ability to scale with the market needs.

  1. A property management portal/application that allows field agents/ brokers to coordinate between buyers and sellers is an example of customized software in real estate.
  2. An example of customized software in the healthcare sector will be an Appointment Management System that enables clinics or hospitals to track patient appointments.
(CCVP)/ CCNP (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T09:14:09+00:00

Job Code : Ep0284

Candidates must be Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP)/ CCNP Collaboration level of certification.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

How could my business benefit from custom software?2020-09-12T06:59:04+00:00

A custom business software solution increases your process efficiency through process automation. Through automation, your key resources will be able to better focus on the crucial activities that will add value to your business. Custom software allows you to build a system around your current processes. It will keep your business up-to-date, eliminates tedious paper-based and manual processes, and reduces the risk of human errors. Custom solutions can speed up deployment as well as user adoption as it does not demand extensive technical know-how to use and manage a custom application.

IT Projects (Total Posts 3)2020-11-02T09:12:16+00:00

Job Code : E-0473

Candidates must have experience supporting large scale IT Projects.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

How much does software development cost?2020-09-12T06:59:46+00:00

It’s tough to estimate the exact development cost of custom software because every piece of software is tailor-made and unique. No two custom-built applications are the same. Hence, sharing an approximation of general costs without understanding the project’s specific requirements is difficult.

CISCO VoIP system (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T09:11:06+00:00

Job Code : E-0342

Candidates must have the ability to remotely monitor and access the CISCO VoIP system.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

I have a legacy system. Can I retain it and integrate that with newer technologies?2020-09-12T07:00:54+00:00

In certain cases, it is possible to do so. Alxtel’s software architects will guide you by analyzing the needs, scalability, and supportability of your older app and offer you the appropriate recommendations. Integrating your existing application to a newer application is also dependent upon the level of access that we have to your older app’s fundamental functions or if an API is made available by the app. (API or Application Programming Interface is a built-in feature that allows external connection to an app’s data).

Support and Respond to System Interruptions (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T09:11:18+00:00

Job Code : E-02345

The Voice System is critical in supporting Public Safety voice communications so engineers must be available 24X7 to.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Vendor engineers (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T09:11:25+00:00

Job Code : E-0432

Vendor engineers must be local to the Baltimore and Washington areas.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

What are the basic steps involved in the creation of custom software for my business?2020-09-12T07:01:45+00:00

The first step is to analyze your business’s needs and formulate the objectives of the custom software. Based on the results of the analysis and interaction with the client, we design the custom software solution. When the wireframes are approved and changes are agreed mutually, we build the custom software in line with the customer-approved milestones. We test the beta version in your working environment and roll out the actual implementation post the user acceptance testing. We ensure your final custom software is delivered with all necessary documentation and training as required.

Do you provide support services after the custom software development is complete?2020-09-12T07:02:14+00:00

Yes, we provide technical support and service to the software apps we have developed. We can also further develop your software product if you need to implement new features or integrate third-party services.

Voice System (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T09:10:12+00:00

Job Code : E-0654

All work on the Voice System, either planned or unplanned, must comply with the Security Requirements and Policies as defined by the State of Maryland.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Account Manager (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T09:08:45+00:00

Job Code : E-0657

Preferred to have experience with Tapit Call Account Manager, SYN-APPS, EVENTIDE recorders, Tripp-Lite and VALCOM systems.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Full Stack Developer (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T09:45:55+00:00

Job Code : E-0543

Full Stack developer who will partner with both the business and technical teams to innovate and deliver new features and enhancements.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Mean Stack Developer (Total Posts 3)2020-11-02T09:56:02+00:00

Job Code : E-0523

Evaluate and perform design tradeoffs regarding the architecture and software components.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Project Assistant (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T09:54:49+00:00

Job Code : E-0765

Maintain coordination with all project partners including government stakeholders for effective implementation of project activities.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Project Manager (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T10:04:20+00:00

Job Code : E-0634

project Administrator in IT  Certification in project Management Experience.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Project Coordinator (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T10:02:56+00:00

Job Code : E-0234

Lead and work with project team to ensure quality and timely delivery of projects.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Cloud Security (Total Posts 3)2020-11-02T10:08:40+00:00

Job Code : E-0532

Support the monitoring and maintaining of network security suite of tools.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Executive Information Security (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T10:15:59+00:00

Job Code : E-0132

May vary depending upon candidate’s profile and experience Essential Requirements.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Devops & Security Engineer (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T10:26:03+00:00

Job Code : E-0435

Manage the security layer on both network and Application level.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Why is mobile app development important?2020-09-12T11:18:56+00:00

An effectively designed and developed mobile app helps in reinforcing your brand value, extends brand visibility through a new channel, increases accessibility by connecting with users on the move, caters to a wider audience, and beyond.

Mern Developer (Total Posts 2)2020-11-02T10:30:44+00:00

Job Code : E-1023

We are seeking a MERN stack developer to become an integral part of our team with at least experience.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Mobile App Developer (Total Posts 1)2020-11-02T11:09:21+00:00

Job Code : E-1032

You must be able to work both alone and as part of a team and Candidates must have good knowledge and familiar with Mobile App development.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

Computer Deployment, Installation and Field Services Technicians (Total Posts 1)2020-11-03T06:47:23+00:00

Job Code : E-1231

  • Minimum of 3 years of formal information technology, desktop support, customer support, customer service, technology management experience.
  • Technical training in combination with an industry certification may substitute for some or all the education requirements.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with peers, end-users, as well as all levels of management and judicial personnel as necessary.
  • Certification from CompTIA, Microsoft or HDI are a plus.
  • Knowledge of computer hardware, architecture, repair, and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Knowledge of Windows desktop operating systems and file systems to include Active Directory.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP device configuration and basic network structure.
  • Proficient problem-solving, communication and inter-personal skills. A strong ability to learn and think critically.
  • Able to diffuse tense situations. Experience with dealing with people in a highly visible, fast-paced, and sometimes stressful environment. Ability to handle people in varying situations, including when users are frustrated, anxious or upset.
  • Demonstrated customer service abilities (e.g., patience, positive customer-friendly attitude, active listening, empathy, professionalism, etc.).
  • Strong ability to be self-motivated and self-starting. Able to control attention, minimize distractions to achieve greater efficiency. Proficient planning & organization skills – setting and managing personal priorities. Able to set priorities and handle multiple competing demands.
  • Ability to be a team player. Demonstrate being team oriented, ensuring that there is respect shown for customers, team members, peers and management.
  • Ability to ensure proper recording, and documentation.

Candidate shall provide resources with the following capabilities

  • Must be able to safely lift and move pieces of hardware weighing up to 25lbs.
  • May need to handle heavier pieces of equipment with additional help.
  • Stooping, kneeling, and crawling may be needed for installation of equipment.
  • Ability to use small hand tools as appropriate for computer installation and repair.
  • Proper lifting techniques for moving equipment.
  • Awareness of safety for people and equipment in the environment.
  • Awareness of standard electrical and mechanical precautions.
  • Hand tools, medium and large sized motor vehicles (such as vans), pneumatic pallet lift, equipment carts, hand trucks.
  • Use of mobile devices as required.
  • Moving and installing equipment may be in dirty, or cluttered, non-air-controlled conditions that require the employee to be cautious and aware of their surroundings.

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

How long does it take to create a mobile app?2020-09-12T11:26:11+00:00

The time taken to develop an app absolutely depends on its complexity. Outlining the scope of the app, including its features and functions, would range between 1–2 weeks for small apps and 2-4 weeks for larger ones. UI and development usually take 2-3 weeks for simple apps and around 8-10 weeks for complex, extensive apps. This is followed by alpha testing and beta testing to uncover faults. On average, a simple app may take 2–3 months while extensive ones might take 4-6 months to be developed.

What are the top frameworks used for mobile app development?2020-09-12T11:26:33+00:00

he popular frameworks used for mobile app development include React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, Adobe PhoneGap, Corona SDK, JQuery Mobile, Intel XDK, Native Scripts, Mobile Angular UI and more.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?2020-09-12T11:27:04+00:00

The cost of building an app varies significantly depending on factors such as the type, platform, a number of pages, features, third-party integrations, versions support, and the complexity of the design.

What is a web application with example?2020-09-12T14:16:05+00:00

A web application is a client-server computer program that runs on a remote server and can be accessed using any browser. They use server-side scripts to manage storage and client-side scripts to display data to users.

Common examples of web applications include webmail, online banking, online forms, video and photo editing, file conversion, file scanning, online shopping, online auctions, spreadsheets, and more.

Web applications are popular because they do not demand complex installations, require very less computing power, can be easily subjected to changes, and solve some of the compatibility issues.

How much does it cost to build a Web application?2020-09-12T14:17:36+00:00

The cost of building a web application depends on a number of factors such as:
Functionality: If the app demands complex third-party integrations, multiple APIs, databases, dynamic content, hosting, mobile compatibility, and more, it escalates the costs UI/UX design: If you desire to go for custom UI/UX designs for your apps than the ready-made design templates, you will have to pay more. The uniqueness of the project: If your app demands specialized knowledge and skillsets from highly-experienced and qualified developers, your app development costs may scale up.

What is a modern web application?2020-09-12T14:18:15+00:00

Modern Web Applications (MWA) is a combination of a set of tools and ways of thinking that result in flexible, modular, and lightweight apps. They are expected to be available round-the-clock, across the world. They should also be compatible across all devices and screen sizes.

Users expect these applications to be secure, flexible, scalable, and capable of handling spikes in demand without compromising on user experience. An example of the same is Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that lets users download mobile versions of websites on their phones to browse offline.

How long does it take to build a web application?2020-09-12T14:19:57+00:00

The time taken to build a web application can vary from hours to months depending on the scope of the project, user flows, and designs. The development entails various steps, starting from getting a clear understanding of the requirements to deployment and scaling, and the time taken for each step can vary significantly based on the complexity of the app.

Senior Oracle DBA (Total Posts 2)2020-11-20T05:31:00+00:00

Job Code : E-0131

  • Minimum 10 years of DBA working experience building, deploying, and administering distributed Oracle RAC database management system.
  • Expertise in managing Oracle database in AIX.
  • Good knowledge of the Unix Shell Scripting.
  • Expert experience in troubleshooting and resolving urgent/critical incidents on production systems.
  • Good Understanding of Disaster Recovery Procedures.
  • Good Customer Handling Skills.
  • Sound knowledge of users access and database privileges.
  • Good Knowledge on Upgrading the Database versions.
  • Experience with installation, configuration and maintenance for 11g/12c RAC and 11g/12c ASM.
  • Experience with the building, configuring, monitoring, and implementation of Oracle DataGuard technology.
  • Strong RMAN backup/recovery experience on very large databases.
  • Hands-on experience with Oracle performance analysis using AWR, Stats pack, SQL tracing, etc.
  • Comfortable with working in a rapidly changing, technically complex environment.
  • Experience with database security and database encryption.
  • Experience with deploying database security patches and remediation of database vulnerabilities.
  • Degree or Diploma in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

Email your updated resume to with job title and job code.

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