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AlxTel always provides the best connection from the corporate network to the cloud Connect. AlxTel’s Services optimize network design for low-latency applications and adaptable bandwidth requirements.

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A Better Way to Reach Cloud

The cloud can provide tremendous value to organizations, delivering cost-effective access to a comprehensive range of innovative business services and applications. AlxTel offers a diverse range of cloud services, to suit the needs of your organization. Ranging from simple prioritization of public cloud services to dedicated, secure connectivity for sensitive or critical business functions.

Cloud Connect

Why Cloud Connect ?

Transform Your Compute Infrastructure and Gain More Control, Cloud Connect makes connectivity to the Cloud simple, efficient, and reliable. When cloud computing first landed, it was revolutionary for businesses of all sizes. It enabled them to reduce in-house infrastructure, scale their businesses without limits, and innovate faster than ever before. A major challenge holding back many companies from full adoption of the cloud, however, has been a reliance on accessing cloud services via the public internet a contended and unstable network, with security and performance vulnerabilities.


Cloud-ready network architecture

Bypassing the internet to connect directly to major cloud providers is often time-consuming, costly, and difficult to manage Our network experts will design a solution that connects you to our Global Interconnect Fabric with the appropriate ethernet services – ready for connecting up the cloud and hybrid IT environments, multiple office locations, and critical business apps, for maximum performance and security. AlxTel’s Cloud Connect solution removes all of these headaches by giving you the software and network combined to spin up or tear down connections and scale capacity on demand.

Cloud Architecture

Get to the cloud, Faster

On-demand connectivity transforming the cloud journey for businesses worldwide. Make your cloud services perform better by building your network architecture on a foundation of dedicated connectivity. AlxTel gives you the power, agility, and speed for connecting your resources and doing smarter business in the cloud.

Single Platform Connectivity
Single Platform Connectivity

Our growing partner ecosystem includes major cloud service providers such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle. We offer more cloud network connectivity choices for protected access to public cloud services than any other provider across its platform.

On-Demand Connectivity
On-Demand Connectivity

Scale your bandwidth to cloud providers, up or down as your business requires, using our award-winning software.

Data Security
Data Security

Using direct connections to one or more clouds, your critical data can bypass the hazards of the public internet and reduce the surface area for cyberattacks.

Manage Your Connections
Manage Your Connections

Build, deploy, and manage connectivity to multiple cloud providers across different regions – all in one place.

Optimize Costs
Optimize Costs

High competition and low switching costs enable lower rates and more flexible commercial terms, Enable competitive advantages.

Improve Performance
Improve Performance

Connections are more stable, predictable, and have lower latency. Improve the availability and quality of experience for your internal and external application users. AlxTel is committed to investing and support customer growth.

Connecting you to the world’s top cloud providers

View all of our digital services, cloud and network partners open for incoming interconnection. Prioritize critical apps and traffic from anywhere, with flexible and scalable bandwidth and commercial terms.

Ali Baba Cloud
Amazon Web Services
Oracle Cloud
Microsoft Azure
IBM Cloud
Google Cloud

Connect from anywhere

Connect to your cloud environments from anywhere. Whether it’s from a data center or your office branch, we make sure you have the appropriate ethernet services and last-mile connectivity options as one end-to-end solution, for maximum convenience. Crossing the public internet has its perils because of the wide surface area of attack it creates as data passes through multiple networks to achieve the desired routing. It also requires processing time and adds latency, meaning performance is unreliable and unpredictable.

Connect Anywhere

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