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If you are looking for a considerable and reliable Odoo Services software application for business management issues then odoo services by AlxTel is the right choice. including billing, accounting, manufacturing, and warehouse.

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What makes Odoo Special?

Using Odoo, however, allows you to have all these functionalities, and much more, incorporated into one software solution that uses a distinct module for every business needs. Better yet, Odoo expedites the sharing of info between modules, reducing mistakes and the time required to complete each task

Services provided by Odoo

From your Odoo experience, our primary objective is to guarantee peace of mind and full achievement. Our consultants can get to know you and your organization personally, provide comfort in operating costs and give you trust that knowing your knowledge is successfully used for successful competitive differentiation, with comprehensive histories conducting market evaluations for multiple customers in various sectors.


Odoo Features

Odoo has understood the basic requirements of users & companies from the beginning and has done a great job of ensuring that all necessary functionality and modules are provided. Across all industry fields, this user-friendly interface has captured hearts. With that in mind, here are the features of Odoo that will allow you to tailor the solution to your particular needs.

Benefits of Odoo

Most businesses use separate software solutions and leave spaces for errors when data has to be moved from one device to another.

Open Source

Open Source

Odoo’s open source technical foundation is an assurance of ability. The intelligent minds behind Odoo continue to evolve and adapt these innovations to the new paradigms to keep Odoo meeting your standards.



Unlike other Market ERPs, you can begin using Odoo with the modules of your choosing then add more later on as you need them. You can attain all this while retaining the benefits of an integrated solution.



Odoo is 100% cloud-based and comes with a simple free-of-charge plan for one app and is ideal for up to 50 users. It is quick to migrate to either of the other two premium plans.



Odoo retails more than a thousand modules that you can deploy. Better still, Odoo is continually under development, and it continues to increase the stack of modules and functionalities.

Why is Odoo Group important for you?

AlxTel Group will bring you peace of mind and trust in your company by incorporating instruments to simplify your current business processes with transparency, customisation, and knowledge, granting continuous growth in your efforts.

  • experience in comprehensive business analysis and software creation
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  • Enable communication about your company’s best ideas.
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