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Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of Cloud Strategy and Solutions experts will evaluate and develop your successful journey from on-premise to the Cloud. We provide a fully managed Cloud adoption service.

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Introducing your Cloud Expert

AlxTel Technical provides Cloud Strategy and Adoption services to accelerate business growth and performance using the latest Cloud technology as an enabler. Reduce your IT infrastructure costs and maximize your business efficiency by making a seamless transition from on-premise IT systems to the cloud.

Know More About Cloud Adoption?

Cloud adoption is a strategy used by enterprises to improve the scalability of Internet-based database capabilities while reducing cost and risk. To achieve this, businesses engage in the practice of cloud computing or using remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process critical data. The benefits of this strategy include the ability to store privileged data in the private cloud while leveraging the technological resources from the public cloud to run applications relying on private data.

Cloud Adoption

A breakdown of our Fully Managed Cloud Adoption process.

Our Microsoft Cloud solutions experts will conduct an assessment of your existing on-premise IT infrastructure, including applications, platforms, your Network setup and analyzing your teams’ dexterity in preparation of moving to the Cloud. Upon completing this assessment, we will create a Cloud adoption roadmap that will define your strategy through the following framework:

Cloud Solution Discovery

Cloud Solution Discovery

We will determine your Cloud solution requirements and define your implementation and migration strategy.

Cloud Design

We will use the information collected from the assessment to commence the planning and design of your Cloud services model.

Cloud Design
Cloud Development

Cloud Development

We’ll build your Cloud Services model and perform integration and resilience testing to ensure we are fully prepared for the deployment stage.

Deployment and Migration

We will initiate the technical roll-out, including the migration of all applications and data to your Cloud Services model.

Deployment and Migration

Cloud adoption to accelerate IT modernization

Companies of varying sizes can benefit from this technology revolution

Large Companies and Corporations

Eliminating the need for a large security and maintenance staff, and lowering the cost of server space.

Small and Mid-Size Companies

An increase in staff, clientele, and projects often require small and mid-size organizations to quickly grow their IT infrastructure.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Choosing the cloud instead of an expensive IT infrastructure that reduces startup costs and up-front software investments.

The safety and security of your data are our priority.

We understand the importance of ensuring the safety and security of your business sensitive data throughout and beyond the transition from on-premise to the Cloud. Our Cloud Solutions experts will ensure that ALL data security requirements are addressed.

The safety and security of your data are our priority.

Why choose us as your Cloud Adoption partner?

We have over 20 years’ collective experience of successfully delivering more than 70 Cloud migration projects on-time, within budget and with minimal disruption to our client’s business operations. Our Cloud Solutions experts are highly experienced with broad skillsets and unrivalled knowledge of the latest Cloud Services and technologies. Our Cloud Adoption roadmap will guarantee a successful transition from on-premise to the Cloud.

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Who Needs Cloud Adoption – and Why?

A variety of industries benefit from cloud adoption, including healthcare, marketing, and advertising, retail, finance, and education. Benefits include:

Healthcare: Fueled by digital and social consumer behaviors and the need for secure and accessible electronic health records (EHRs), hospitals, clinics, and other medical organizations are using cloud computing for document storage, marketing, and human resources.

Finance: Efficient expense management, human resources, and customer communications are three of the most important business needs of today’s finance organizations. For these reasons, financial services institutions are now placing their email platforms and marketing tools in the cloud.

Education: Internet-based education opportunities are now more popular than ever. The cloud allows universities, private institutions, and K-12 public schools to provide learning, homework, and grading systems online.

Marketing and Advertising: In an industry dependent on social media, as well as the quick creation and publishing of customer-relevant content, agencies are using hybrid cloud adoption strategies to deliver critical client messages to their local and worldwide audiences.

Retail: A successful e-commerce strategy requires a sound Internet strategy. With the help of cloud adoption, Internet-based retail is able to effectively market to customers and save their product data for less money.

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