AlxTel facilitates an E-911 service to connect your users in case of any emergency. You can connect to public security, to secure your company with accurate location information, and you can change address information easily. AlxTel gives peace of mind to your customers.

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Important for emergency location services

The growing usage of E-911 calls by mobile devices and internet-based devices has made E-911 incorporation widespread and crucial. providers need to ensure that local emergency services workers can securely communicate with and be found by employees of that company.

Enhance your future contact

The functionality of your phone number will get a boost with Strong features of speech and messaging.

Take a constructive E-911 approach

Bandwidth allows you to provide correct user position data for the Fastest response to public safety.

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Provide secure E-911 connection to users

Bandwidth provides companies, software developers, and local carriers with easy, precise links to public safety.

AlxTel helps keep businesses stable

Think makes it easy for you to connect vital callback or location data to any phone number regardless of who you offer E-911 service to. Providers can incorporate E-911 call features to their goods, offering a secure way for organizations who serve to contact emergency services via internet-based telephony and provide their response point location details. Employees at organizations that use VoIP will still be able to get support when they most need it.

AlxTel helps keep businesses stable

Anyone who calls from an Internet-based line needs to make sure that the E-911 service is available and running as planned. And service providers need to provide true protection in an emergency for their customers. VoIP providers will concentrate on building their company while complying with the law and keeping their clients safe. Users on mobile devices can be found wherever they are by giving emergency services staff a callback number.

Your customers can rest assured knowing that end customers using VoIP or other Internet-based telephone systems can be quickly found and make emergency calls in the case of any emergency.

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