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AlxTel leverages its deep experience in Cloud to help customers across the globe to define, execute, and manage their Cloud journey with 24/7 a dedicated team of DevOps experts.

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What exactly DevOps
Can Do?

Automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms to increase efficiency, faster time-to-market, and reduced cost. DevOps brings together processes, people & technology, automating software product delivery to offer continuous value to your users. With our DevOps services & solutions, we deliver software faster and more reliably— no matter how big your IT department or what technologies & tools you are using.

Most convenient DevOps services for your business

With our DevOps consulting system, we help large enterprises and startups align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, quicker time to marketplace and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, letting the code be in a releasable state always. Our DevOps team has over a decade of experience in developing and deploying complex enterprise-grade software. We are committed to Agile methodologies, enabling us to execute large projects and provide excellent software quality. Once your software is deployed, our DevOps team monitors it around the clock to catch and correct any problems before they affect your users.

DevOps and Automation
AlxTel’s Effective DevOps Automation

AlxTel’s Effective DevOps Automation

Deliver your applications faster & accurate with DevOps. Transform the way your team works by bridging the gap between development and operational services. Implement DevOps for better communication & collaboration between teams. We help you accelerate your DevOps transformation process, whether you’re just getting started or have advanced through your strategy. We help our clients with their DevOps transformation and automation projects by providing integrated Agile coding, building, testing, and deploying software development.

AlxTel’s DevOps Solutions

Our DevOps services help to accelerate DevOps processes, scale-up when additional expertise is needed and provide ongoing support.

DevOps as a Service

Right from assessing your current DevOps practices, setting up the automation, using the best tools for process transformation to the ongoing management of the delivery pipeline, we deal with it all.

Reduced Time

Reduced Time

Respond to consumers requests with respect to features and functionality. Quicker to onboard new apps.

Rapid & Agile

Rapid & Agile

On-boarding new data sources quickly and deploy it on the cloud, multi-tenant hosted or on-premise.

High Variety

High Variety

We can quickly and easily connect new data sources and store data into a dynamic schema-less data repository.

DevOps Infrastructure Automation Benefits

Right from assessing your current DevOps practices, setting up the automation, using the best tools for process transformation to the ongoing management of the delivery pipeline, we deal with it all.

  • Ensures repeatability in deployment of large scale cloud-based solutions.
  • Easy to move infrastructure deployment from Development, Test to Production.
  • Remove repeated manual steps from Infrastructure build, test and accreditation.
  • Easy scaling up/out of Cloud services, continuous deployment/delivery.
  • Simplifying and Self Documenting infrastructure builds.
  • Secure Server environment, suitable for Public, Private, Hybrid or On-Prem.
  • Supports delivery of Cloud Services at scale, securely.

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