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Client-focused, creating strategic cloud-based solutions that deliver tangible business results, AlxTel’s cloud migration services help enterprises navigate the digital landscape.

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Approach to Transform Your Organization

Cloud Migration is a process whereby an organization’s digital assets, resources, and services or applications are deployed in the cloud. Smart user-friendly applications, time-saving features, ease of access, enhanced security, and qualitative outputs propel the success of cloud computing and encourage non-cloud users to make this business-changing leap.

How AlxTel Helps?

With more than a decade long-track of being one of the leading cloud migration consulting service providers, AlxTel has helped deliver friendly and time-saving cloud migration solutions to a varied range of customers. Whether migration is taking place to scale a business, consolidate data centers, or improve customer-facing applications, we follow a tried and tested way that’s been honed across hundreds of cloud migration projects. Whatever stage a project is at, our experts are on-hand to ensure pitfalls and setbacks are avoided, resulting in a successful implementation every time. We can lead a full-scale strategic migration, help recover failing projects, or take care of a specific part of a larger migration.

Cloud Migration

AlxTel’s capable plan for effective cloud migration

Through our cloud migration services, we help you in digital transformation and making the move to cloud through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations. We work with you to determine which approach works best for your organization – public, private, or hybrid. As a part of our cloud migration consulting services, we take a customer-centric approach, pre-set templates, and data analytics applications to ensure migrations take place in a smooth, effective and systematic way without any negative business impact.

Planned Strategy
Planned Strategy

Understand your organization’s adaptability to cloud services and the availability of applications that fit in the cloud.

Architect Design
Architect Design

Gather existing resources and manage requirements to create a supporting cloud architecture.


Automation with industry’s proven cloud technology solutions forms an integral part of cloud migration.

Deployment and Testing
Deployment and Testing

Deploy the new cloud environment, stage it, and test it for its functionality, operational efficiency, and scalability.

The Challenge

While the cloud is an extremely innovative business platform, it is always best to be educated on its advantages and features to judge how you can make use of the cloud’s features and advantages. Cloud delivery can be simple and more flexible than traditional methods, but that doesn’t mean migrating–or knowing what to migrate–to the cloud is without its challenges. From product launches to merger and acquisitions, there are hundreds of business cases where the cloud comes into play, offering improved collaboration, increased flexibility, and reduced costs from traditional hosting methods. The challenge is that every circumstance requires a different approach, which is where our deep expertise of applying the best technology to real-world scenarios comes in handy.

The Challenge

Business benefits of cloud migration

Without the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and agility, your organization will struggle to find the room to grow. Fortunately, cloud migrations don’t have to be complex. With the right strategy, services, and know-how in place, you can move your chosen applications and workloads to the cloud seamlessly.

  • Cloud computing empowers enterprises to jump-start server and resource setup.
  • This helps in saving precious business hours that can be devoted to other business-growth opportunities.
  • It centralizes the monitoring process unlike the usual approach of IT personnel overseeing different dedicated interfaces.
  • It requires some security efforts on behalf of business owners to ensure data safety.
  • It reduces the number of data centers that consume organizational space and the additional maintenance costs including cooling expenses.
  • Cloud providers provision auto-scaling, which allows owners to increase or decrease the usage or requirement of the cloud services as per the necessity.
  • Backup and Logging Services are vital as they keep you posted about what went wrong and at which application or system in case of an outage. A backup can get you back into the flow of things that were disrupted due to an outage.

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