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Mobile Application Development2021-12-03T11:21:19+00:00

Mobile Application Development

AlxTel facilitates developing amazing mobile application development for Government, local and individual customers. We also turn your concepts into a profitable mobile business to start your current products on a new platform.

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Mobile Application Development With Alxtel

A successful mobile app combines three aspects in a smart way: market, user, and the product itself. All these factors need to work together to give users a unique value, great usability, and good performance. With the right tools and methodologies, you can be sure that your product is well-built and well-fitted to the market need.

Your brand at their fingertips

Smartphones have revolutionized the market of mobile devices and given a new meaning to mobile phones. These handhelds combine mobile phone and computer features, expanding the functionality of a conventional mobile phone and providing enhanced features to its users. Modern smartphones resemble more tablet PCs and offer smartphone users ample opportunities to leverage their capabilities. In the last few years, mobile apps development and mobile commerce have boosted the market for smartphones. We develop iOS & Android mobile apps for various operating systems and mobile platforms, using creative designing, swift & efficient planning, effective mobile solutions, and our development team’s proficiency and expertise.

Your brand at their fingertips
Next-Generation Mobility Solutions

Next-Generation Mobility Solutions

Modern business users consider the ability to interact with customers, employees, assets, products, and other businesses in real-time, anytime, and from any location a basic requisite. They expect to pay as they say, virtually be there, and essentially get all tasks done in micro-moments. Mobile Centric Digital Transformation has become the defining enterprise mobility catalyst. However, to capture the real value of mobile, organizations need a mobile-first-mobile-must strategy that can foster professional efficiency, business enablement, and collaboration.

We are ready to advise, speed up projects, and solve your problems. Our mobile apps are smart, well-performing, and usable.

We are true mobile app experts ready to build, advise and help grow your business. We will ask the right questions and suggest the best options for your idea and business strategy.


Mobile solutions that generate value

Besides providing technical solutions, we also focus on the business values of the projects: future modifications, competitors, and revenue growth.

Attracting Attention

Attracting attention and retaining users

We offer the right tools and tested methodologies to write comprehensive mobile apps that meet user demands, boost conversion, and retain clients.

Reliable Consultancy

Reliable consultancy and experience

Our standards ensure high quality & no data leaks thanks to a solid frontend and scalable backend. Our experts work on your project from the very first day.

Mobile Application Development Approach

Our processes boost mobile app development is a proven way

Mobile Application Development Approach
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mobile app development important?2020-09-12T11:18:56+00:00

An effectively designed and developed mobile app helps in reinforcing your brand value, extends brand visibility through a new channel, increases accessibility by connecting with users on the move, caters to a wider audience, and beyond.

How long does it take to create a mobile app?2020-09-12T11:26:11+00:00

The time taken to develop an app absolutely depends on its complexity. Outlining the scope of the app, including its features and functions, would range between 1–2 weeks for small apps and 2-4 weeks for larger ones. UI and development usually take 2-3 weeks for simple apps and around 8-10 weeks for complex, extensive apps. This is followed by alpha testing and beta testing to uncover faults. On average, a simple app may take 2–3 months while extensive ones might take 4-6 months to be developed.

What are the top frameworks used for mobile app development?2020-09-12T11:26:33+00:00

he popular frameworks used for mobile app development include React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, Adobe PhoneGap, Corona SDK, JQuery Mobile, Intel XDK, Native Scripts, Mobile Angular UI and more.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?2020-09-12T11:27:04+00:00

The cost of building an app varies significantly depending on factors such as the type, platform, a number of pages, features, third-party integrations, versions support, and the complexity of the design.

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