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Ethernet technology offers Data Products of stable and low latency connectivity that can support time-sensitive applications and allows you to extend your Local Area Network into a private global network.

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We provide a range of Data products of high-speed, low-cost transmission solutions to meet your needs whether it’s point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-multipoint, hub and spoke, or Virtual Private Network (VPN), takes advantage of our MPLS, IPVPN, and Global Connectivity portfolio to fulfill your WAN needs.

Scale your bandwidth capacity to your business needs.

We are reaching a set of difficulty-to-connect countries in Africa, the Middle East, and America. Our network was built to connect you to the world. We have the right solution for your requirements. Scale your bandwidth capacity to your business needs. We have partnered with the major Data providers (Tier1 providers) around the globe including the national communication service providers in hard-to-connect regions for on-net local loops.

Business connectivity is undergoing a major transformation as applications move to the cloud.

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Software-Defined Wide Area Network(SD-WAN)

Software-Defined Wide Area Network(SD-WAN) is a revolutionary way to approach the simplification of branch office networking and assure optimal application performance by using centrally controlled and managed WAN virtualization. Unlike conventional Wide Area Network, SD-WAN helps to deliver better and increased network agility which ultimately leads to cost-reduction and efficiency.


In the same way server virtualization abstracts the underlying physical hardware from the logical virtual servers that run on it, WAN virtualization is where a logical WAN connection (to either the Internet or between branch offices) can use multiple underlying connectivity technologies (like xDSL, MPLS, cellular and fiber) at the same time but presents this connectivity to users and applications as a single direct to the Internet or secure site to site connection.
SD-WAN architecture has changed the game with a variety of technologies that offer business-class traffic service independent of the underlying transport. Generic broadband connections are available in all geographies, much more flexible in the range of bandwidth capacities they offer, and far better priced than MPLS. With an SD-WAN’s transport-independent architecture, carrier-class service equaling or surpassing that of MPLS’s SLA and resiliency can be achieved on broadband connections.
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