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AlxTel has partnered with the world’s top networking hardware and software companies, to ensure that we can offer best solutions for your data center and throughout your entire organization.

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Expertise to Fuel Your Digital Transformation

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing network or implement a new one, our engineers can accelerate your transition and unleash your company’s full digital potential. We provide vendor neutral guidance and expertise that prioritizes your success.

Is Your Network Accelerating Your Business?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, a network that is agile, responsive, and secure will be the key that unlocks your company’s true potential. Our skilled engineers will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your current infrastructure before mapping a plan that will expedite your push into digitization. Our experience, creative spirit, and world-class vendor partnerships will open closed doors and invite opportunity for growth. Indeed, a secured, automated, and scalable network welcomes success. We provide a platform that can support today’s digital demands and can adapt to your future needs.

Network Installations

The most advanced networking solutions, from the world’s leading networking providers.

AlxTel has partnered with the world’s top networking hardware and software companies, to ensure that we can offer best solutions for your data center and throughout your entire organization. AlxTel’s teams of highly certified consultants and architects can build reliable, scalable and cost-effective networking infrastructure to fit any organization.


Increase operational performance with a AlxTel network assessment

After evaluating your infrastructure, our engineers will highlight performance bottlenecks and security risks before designing a plan that will streamline resources, optimize performance, and future proof your investment.


Realize your business goals with AlxTel network design

Our networking experts will build around your business requirements and design optimal solutions that will make your business goals achievable. Our certified engineers can assist with WAN/LAN, SDN, SD-WAN.


Accelerate time to market with AlxTel networking

Our experienced engineers routinely implement a wide variety of network technologies from our world-class partners. This familiarity and unrivaled partner support ensure fast, accurate deployment of your new technology.


Avoid scope creep with dedicated project management

Our expert project managers oversee every detail of your implementation, they efficiently allocate pertinent resources to scale your logistical and management needs, while delivering your projects within time.

Networking solutions benefit your organization through

Our networking solutions for service providers give your clients the control, security and reliability that they expect from a modern networking solution, enabling you to offer more to your clients for less.


We talk to our customers to determine their specific needs. Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of Wireless and LAN network solutions.


Our solutions has extensive experience in network designing and its implementation.


Our solutions are installed exclusively through a global network of highly trained Certified Installers.


Our solutions are backed by , system performance and application assurance warranty and long term customer service relationships.

Achieved Successful Network Solutions

We provide best solutions, so this is important for us to review what is formally used in your company and address the current problems to design the best suitable solution for your company to improve the company growth.


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Rapid response time to service requests, responding to all customer feedback to get in touch.

Our goal is to supply you with the best possible customer service across all our products and solutions. We look forward to helping you make the most of your AlxTel platform.


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