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We’re More Powerful When We Work As One

The hybrid work environment opens a ton of possibilities for your organization. Companies who embrace this shift can evolve their company culture. They can secure and retain the best talent, foster greater employee satisfaction, improve accessibility for everyone, and transform customer interactions. To be successful all employees must be able to fully engage and participate on an equal basis. Inclusive technology: People focused video. Distraction-free audio. Intuitive, frictionless, effortless. We’re here so your business can be anywhere.

Remote Work— Business Happens Wherever You Are.

Your team has started to master working together even when they aren’t in the same room. But as your organization continues to adapt and experience the flexibility that remote work has to offer, consider some of our tips to help you and your team succeed.

Remote Work Tips:

  • Create a collaborative environment for your team with technology that allows all participants to share and work on ideas in real time.
  • Help your team strike a balance between work and life with suggestions like muting notifications at the end of the workday.
  • Encourage team members to change locations throughout the day. Sometimes a change of scenery can offer a whole new perspective.

Office Work — Together Again, Naturally.

As an IT leader, you help connect people, spaces and technology to allow for seamless communication both in the office and beyond. As you navigate your return to office work, consider our tips to help you adapt to the new normal.

Office Work Tips:

  • From cubicles to conference rooms, consider solutions that take different spaces into account.
  • Choose video cameras with built-in AI that automatically zoom in to track speakers and conversations in real time.
  • Plan for at least one virtual attendee in every meeting. By implementing the right technology, no one will remember who was on screen and who was in the room.

We Have Your Needs Covered

Explore the range of AI-powered solutions that complement a hybrid workplace and support your team from anywhere.

  • Video Conferencing.
  • Conference Phones.
  • Business Phones.
  • Headsets.
  • Software.

Solutions For Every Space & Style

Every meeting has people joining from different workspaces and with different workstyles. But when your team is equipped with the technology to perform at their best, those differences won’t make for distractions.

  • Hybrid Working.
  • Office Work.
  • Remote Work.
  • On The Go.
  • At The Desk.
  • Conference Room.
  • Huddle Space.

Poly Services

Better management. Better insights. Better support. Poly delivers service solutions that make collaboration better for your employees, no matter where they work. And if a project gets dropped in your lap that you aren’t sure you have the knowledge or the man hours to handle it, we can help.

Poly helps you meet a variety of business challenges with a comprehensive portfolio of Support Services designed to meet your exact needs.

Outsource your day-to-day technology management responsibilities. We’ll deliver, manage and support your collaboration solution all day, every day.

A collaboration solution tailored to your business. Our professional services—from planning and design to deployment and optimization—are designed to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for.

Learning opportunities can help everyone in your organization understand how to use collaboration solutions to streamline decisions, engage more with your customers, and increase productivity. We have the training resources to ensure that your team succeeds with today’s collaboration technology.

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