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At Talend, our purpose is to change the way the world makes decisions. We take the work out of working with data and make data useful for all organizations. Healthy data is critical for any company — but keeping data in good condition requires a careful balance between availability, usability, integrity, and security. Talend can help you obtain and maintain the complete, clean, and uncompromised data you need to stay in control and mitigate risk.

  • Data Integration :
    Discover, capture, and integrate all your data with proper categorization and documentation.
  • Data Quality :
    Automatically clean and profile data in real time so you don’t have to worry about bad data even entering your systems.
  • Data Integrity and Governance :
    Ensure data integrity and governance throughout the data lifecycle and assess data health with the Talend Trust Score.
  • Application and API Integration :
    Share and monetize trusted data internally and externally with a multitude of self-service capabilities.
  • Powered by Talend Trust Score :
    Check the reliability of any dataset with at-a-glance tools to identify and resolve issues.

Talend Solutions

We relish new ideas and new challenges. We look for solutions to shake up the status quo, and cherish every opportunity to adapt, grow, and become even more efficient and create more impact.

  • Financial services :
    Make better business decisions in the tightly regulated financial industry.
  • Healthcare :
    Deliver personalized health experiences safely and securely.
  • Government :
    Serve citizens with better data access, data privacy, and decision making.

  • Retail and consumer goods :
    Provide a personalized customer experience based on real-time consumer data.
  • Tele-communications :
    Improve customer service by delivering what people want, when they need it.
  • Operations :
    Increase operational efficiency with real-time data visibility.
  • Sales :
    Arm your sales team with the best data from every part of your company.
  • Marketing :
    Run better campaigns by breaking down silos and improving data quality.
  • Product intelligence :
    Build the ultimate GTM hub with product, revenue, and customer data.
  • Cloud data lakes :
    Make the move to the best in modern data architecture.
  • Customer 360 :
    Engineer more engaging customer experiences by building detailed profiles.
  • Risk and compliance :
    Protect sensitive data, mitigate risk, and comply with privacy regulations.
  • Cloud data warehouses :
    Collect all your data in a clean, accessible, centralized, unified source of trust.

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