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Automated data protection

Why? Cyber security didn’t start with data. It started at the borders, where attackers should be held at bay, far from precious data at the heart of the kingdom.

  • Reduce your blast radius.
  • Detecting & stop threats.
  • Streamline compliance.

The security perimeter has vanished. Endpoints are fungible. Very little data lives only on your phone or laptop these days.

At Varonis, we protect data where it lives. Our platform is purpose-built to look deeply inside and around data—and then automate its protection using patented, battle-hardened machine learning.

How Varonis works

An in-depth look at the Metadata Framework—the patented technology that powers the Varonis Data Security Platform.

  • Collect, enrich, and normalize metadata without endpoint agents.
  • Combine, correlate, and analyze metadata across three key dimensions: sensitivity, permission and activity.
  • Profile behavior and surface risk insights without human intervention.
  • Simulate, commit, and automate changes in the environment.

Varonis Products

We’re fighting a different battle than conventional cyber security companies—where data is protected first, not last.

1) Data Protection :

  • DatAdvantage: Regain complete visibility and control over your valuable data with-in depth permission mapping, risk remediation, activity auditing, and compliance reporting.
  • Automation Engine: Massively reduce your attacks surface-and keep it that way- by safely and continually revoking open access to sensitive data without human interaction.
  • DataPrivilege: Enforce zero trust by giving business users the power to review and manage access control without IT assistance.
  • Data Transport Engine: Created automated rules to move, archive, quarantine, or delete databases on content type, sensitivity, age, access activity and countless other conditions.

2) Threat Detection & Response :

  • DatAlert: Detect and respond to threats to your data with ML-powered behavioral analysis that can identify suspicious activity without signature or endpoint agents.
  • Edge: Combine premier telemetry with data access activity to stop intrusions and data exfiltration at the edge of your work.
  • Varonis for Active Directory: Harden your AD and Azure AD infrastructure by uncovering hidden attack paths, monitoring critical settings, and alerting on behavioral anomalies.

3) Privacy & Compliance :

  • Data Classification Engine: Accurately discover sensitive data, see where it’s exposed, and look it down without interrupting business.
  • Data Classification Labels: Programmatically apply persistent sensitivity labels to encrypt, obfuscate or lock down your most important files.
  • Policy Pack: Deploy an ever-expanding library of accurate and comprehensive rules to find and protect GDPR and CCPA data.
  • Federal Policy Pack: A library of classification policies to find and protect top secret, secret and confidential government documents.
  • DatAnswers: Satisfy data subject access requests (DSARs) by surfacing personal information across cloud and on-perm files with fast and powerful PII search.

4) Cloud Security :

  • Varonis for Microsoft 365: Secure your M365 data in ways that are extremely difficult, or flat-out impossible, with Microsoft’s out-of-box security suite.
  • DatAdvantage Cloud: Reduce your SaaS and laaS blast radius and detect threats with cross-cloud permissions and activity analysis for Salesforce, GitHub, AWS, Google and more.

Varonis Solutions

Protect your most valuable data at varonis.

1) By Industry :

  • Finance: Keep financial data safe from cyber-attacks and automate regulatory compliance.
  • Healthcare: Keep patient data safe from cyber-attacks and automate HIPAA compliance.
  • Federal Government: Varonis helps the country’s leading federal agencies minimize their attack surfaces, defend against cyber-attacks, and prevent data spillage.
  • Education: Keep student data safe from cyber-attacks and automate regulatory compliance.
  • Manufacturing: Protect manufacturing data from overexposure and cyber threats.
  • State & Local Government: Protect sensitive & regulated data from cyber-attacks and compliance violations.

2) By Use Case :

  • Cloud Data Protection: Protect your multi-cloud storage and critical SaaS applications from insider threats and cyber-attacks.
  • Data Classification: Automatically discover and classify sensitive data, quantify exposure, and monitor access.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Prevent data loss from overexposure and cyber threats with powerful data discovery, automated risk remediation, and behavioral alerting.
  • Data Privacy & DSARs: simplify compliance with powerful data discovery, privacy dashboards, and DSAR automation.
  • Insider Risk Management: Limit the data insiders can access, audit activity, and alert on suspicious activity.
  • Ransomwear Protection: Varonis fights ransomware by limiting access and detecting threats to your on-prem and cloud-hosted data.
  • Zero Trust: Achieve Zero Trust maturity with a data-centric security platform and approach.

3) By Technology :

  • Microsoft365.
  • UNIX/Linux.
  • Windows files share.
  • Box.
  • Active Directory.
  • Slack.
  • Google Drive.
  • Okta.
  • Salesforce.
  • GitHub.
  • Nasuni.
  • NetApp.

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